National Association for Kids and Adults with Autism Romania – Arges Subsidiary (ANCAAR- Arges Subsidiary) , is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization, whose main purpose is therapy for children and adults with autism in Arges county, and improving the quality of life for them and their family, by organizing various fundraising activities, socializing and leisure.

Our branch was formed in 2010 out of need to help the families of people with autism be able to financially support the therapy, and is composed of specialists and parents. We started working at the children's houses, we continued by renting a space which we renovated and equipped in 2012, and now we operate in a 117 square-meter space, which contains: 5 therapy rooms, a physiotherapy room, a kitchen where our children practice autonomy skills, two bathrooms, and a waiting room which also serves as our office. (See more...)

Recovery therapy is an accumulation of techniques and work methods specific for autism spectrum disorders recognized for their effectiveness (ABA, PECS, TEACH), they take place mainly in the Day Center, but we also work at home, on the street, in parks, shops, on the bus; generally it depends on the specific needs of the individual. Therapy is conducted in teams, each child working with a coordinator of the center, which decides the individualized intervention plan, and two therapists. Parents attend regular meetings with the coordinator and receive worksheets to continue the therapy at home. (See more...)

Since 2013, we have obtained accreditation for these social services: recovery therapies,rehabilitation, special education, socializing, psychological counseling, information and promotion/publicity. Beginning in December of 2012, ANCAAR Arges Branch joined the "Federation for Rights and Resources for People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder" and sustains, in accordance with the associations capabilities, its activities: working to bring about changes in the Romanian legislation in order for people with autism to obtain their natural rights: the early and accurate assessment and diagnosis of children and adults with autism; free therapy; the integration of children and adults with TSA in the mainstream school system and labor markets, the education of the public to increase the fair and nondiscriminatory treatment of people affected by these disorders.

 Besides recovery services, we prospect:

  •  Equipping the sensory stimulation room;
  •  Organizing and equipping a mini park in the courtyard of the building where we rent space;
  •  Preparing young people and adults with autism for work, with the idea of their future labor market integration;
  •  Creating sheltered work areas for those who will not be able to integrate on the free market;
  •  Continuing the support strategy for children and young people from low-income families;
  •  Establishing a department for complex evaluation of children with disabilities;
  •  Training for parents and caregivers of children with autism;
  •  Training for ANCAAR Arges Branch professionals;
  •  Contacting and meeting similar organizations from Romania and abroad.

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